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ATA Leadership NOW

Creating a BETTER Community

We are creating Leaders to meet the Needs of Our World.

Self-improvement for the service of others is the essence of Songahm philosophy, a respectful view taught in tandem with the physical techniques of our martial art. We strive to get better so we can do more for others and ourselves. We set goals and achieve them; we grow stronger through practice, and learn we can reach farther if only we try. Leadership is the next step, expanding the experience from the classroom to the trails, parks, senior centers, food banks, animal shelters and more. We are creating Leaders to meet the Needs of Our World (NOW) through Songahm Martial Arts training.

Find out how the instructors and students of Songahm martial arts schools are creating a safer community (through Child Safety Training), a healthier community (through obesity prevention), a happier community (through bullying prevention) and a better community filled with motivated and virtuous achievers!

Learn more about Songahm Taekwondo and training programs that will make a difference in your life and those around you, or find your local school for convenient training opportunities.