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My son loves Leadership. It makes him feel special to be a part of such an elite program. He proudly wears his Leadership uniform and uses the cool items with the Leadership logo. As a Mom, I love the difference I've seen in him. Leadership is such a beneficial investment!
– Alicia Jones, mother of 7-year-old Tyler Jones

Take the President's Challenge with ATA!

Grand Master In Ho Lee, 9th Degree Black Belt and leader of WTTU/ATA/STF, invites everyone to join him taking the President's Challenge, showcasing ATA Martial Arts as the nation's most fun and most effective way to get and stay physically fit!

Recent studies show that one in five adults and just as many children in most United States are obese.  Often the culprits are poor nutrition and lack of exercise.  Even a third of American pets are obese.  Grand Master In Ho Lee wants martial artists everywhere to reverse this deadly trend by turning more people on to our favorite athletic activity - Songahm Taekwondo!

Taekwondo is “a martial art that trains people both mentally and physically” that has been around for 13 centuries, but most people do not seem to realize how remarkable, profound, and far-ranging the benefits can truly be!  Grand Master wants to “raise the profile” of our favorite activity so that more people learn to live The Way, and naturally he is leading by example. Grand Master joined the President's Challenge in July 2011, and has since won a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA), plus Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the ultimate prize - The Platinum Award - as a Presidential Champion in 2012, with no signs of slowing down. An assistant records his daily Warrior X-Fit and Songahm Taekwondo workouts, plus leisure sports, yard work, and other activities that keep him looking and feeling great – and winning! 

Please visit the President’s Challenge website to learn about the rules, activities, and awards, or at least read this Intro Flyer. THEN you can Log-In or Create an Account at the ATA Portal to the President’s Challenge (Add it to your web browser's Favorites/Bookmarks for speedy access.)  You'll automatically be joined to the official "ATA Leadership Now" group of challengers (open to everyone, #95646), helping ATA HQ to gauge its overall impact in the Challenge.  You can join other groups too - your school's for example - without leaving the main group; or you can opt out totally.  Just keep winning!

Challenge sponors or winners can purchase certificates, ribbons, pins, medals and other items celebrating the physical fitness achievements from the President's Challenge website.  Remember to add your name to President's Challenge with ATA Winners List on after each award.

Call Mr. Keith Stillwell (ext. 2299) or Ms. Melanie Morris (ext. 2268) at ATA HQ if you have any questions about the programs.  ATA is a proud advocate of the President's Challenge.

   The American Taekwondo Association
is an Advocate of the President's Challenge.