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Training with other leaders taught me how to set and achieve my goals. As a member, I even earned a college scholarship! Look out world, here I come!

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Over 40 years ago, Haeng Ung Lee drew a map on the earth at his feet. He said it was his destination to change the world one black belt at a time. After decades of hard work and determination, Eternal Grand Master did just that.

ATA creates not just great martial artists but outstanding human beings. At opening ceremonies of 2010 Songahm Taekwondo World Championships, four inspiring stories were revealed, each highlighting the influence of Songahm Taekwondo in the individual's life. We learned of the determination that drove them, and their destination of accomplishing feats both inside and outside the realm of martial arts.

Leadership NOW invites you to revisit their amazing stories and to share them with others who need inspiration to set a goal and work 'til it's done. Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee's words still ring true: "Today Not Possible, Tomorrow Possible." What is your Determination? What is your Destination?

Determination - Destination Stories

Mr. Hunter Williams, 3rd Degree Black Belt

Ms. Jessica Cox, 2nd Degree Recommended Black Belt

Chief Master Richard Anderson, 8th Degree Black Belt

Dr. Michael J. Ackerman, 5th Degree Black Belt

The Garcia Family

The Kashay Family

Details matter, and so does your mental preparation. When everyone is performing at such a high level, your ability to tame tension, visualize uccess, and stay positive sets you apart, and it can make the difference between succeeding and having to try again next time. success, and stay positive sets you apart, and it can make the difference between succeeding and having to try again next time. 

For strong punches and crisp strikes, and for the total body fitness Martial Artists need for speed, its time to BUILD POWERFUL ARMS. ATA World and Songahm Masters show the way.


Were not just talking quick kicks. Speed as Black Belts know it is multi-dimensional, and each dimension is key to self-defense and martial artistry. Get real about getting fast!